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Monday, July 29th, 2013
6:20 am
No entries in a long while, time to say something...
  Hello anybody that might read this. I have had a great start to my summer with a July 4th holiday in Palm Springs, thanks to my good friend and Ginger Bear extraordinar, John. We stayed at a nice home owned by a good friend of his and actually enjoyed fireworks from his backyard pool. There were about 30 other men at the event and it was truly a spiritual moment...lots of oohs and aahs. We also enjoyed some of the local food and drink, and even went to a very fun party in a 6 car garage one evening. My friend and fellow furry Bear Grubbs joined me and made that evening even more delightful.
  Back home we recently attended Pride with my good friend, Brenton where we graced the float of the Bears San Diego and enjoyed looking back at the crowds and waving appreciating all the yells and positive feelings. Lately there has been much to celebrate within the Gay community, and that make this Bear feel a little bit better about his world. After the Parade, we all gathered at another Pool party but one here in San Diego where much Bear fun was to be had along with much food to consume.
  My next summer treat was my annual trek through the San Diego Comic Con, and this year was very nice with lots of interesting Panels and some great presentations. I was able to make it to the "Enders Game" panel and take a few pictures of Harrison Ford, a favorite actor of mine. I also bought a Robe I just had to have...yes, it's a Bear. I will wear it in deepest darkest Winter here in San Diego, but will also bring it with me to fur conventions just for fun.
  This coming weekend, Aug 3rd, it is my turn to host the Bears San Diego Den party and it is shaping up to be a very fun time. Lots of folks very dear to me will be in attendance so I expect some frisky bears will enjoy each others company during the course of the evening. I hope to take some pics to share here. There is also a Furry gathering at Lake Murray I may get to attend a bit before returning home to prepare for the arrival of the men. Again, I will post some pics if I get some good ones. All 4 now, Cyberbear

New Robe
Enders Game Picture
Harrison Ford

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Sunday, August 5th, 2012
10:58 am
I have not posted here since 2010 and guess I should catch people up who are interested. I finally got out of Wal-Mart in October of last year and my fortunes improved when I took a job with Picture It On Canvas located in Poway. The job and I are a natural fit, and I enjoy the staff and the quality work produced. Finally I feel I have a stable job again.
A year and a half ago, my brother Jon (I have 3 brothers) was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. He lasted a year and a half and passed away on last Friday evening at about 7 PM. He was the brother I was closest to, although all my brothers are cool, but Jon and I shared much in common including our professions in the Printing Industry. I even worked for him for 10 years when he was part owner of Thompson Type and later opened his own company, Digital Output. We worked on some early films together including "Under Your Thumb", which can be seen on YouTube;


I miss him already and know this will be a tough period for me. Such a dramatic change in my life deserves some notice, I guess, so this is it. Life goes on...

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Saturday, November 27th, 2010
3:59 pm
Hi Gang,
Just wanted to let folks know I was lucky enough to see Weezer perform in LA at the Universal Gibson amphitheater last night. As I gazed out at the crowd, I wondered if any other Furs were there. They had a treat in the entrance; to celebrate Weezer doing their entire 1st album, they had a photo op where you could stick your head thru a hole and be a part of the album cover. I am posting the pic of the Bear as a member of Weezer...hee. Enjoy, Cyberbear

Thursday, November 25th, 2010
8:42 am
Overdue for an Update
Hello my friends,....well, my job mentioned in my last entry lasted exactly 90 days. This is because I was doing the Graphic Design on several magazines which basically are made to promote the sale of high-end real estate. Needless to say, the fellow I worked for is on the edge of survival in the current economic conditions. He let me know, when I was let go along with a co-worker, that he was not sure he would survive as a business through the Winter. At least, since I did work a full quarter, I was able to re-apply for unemployment. At my 90 day anniversary, he would have had to kick in my benefits, and I'm sure that cost had to do with him pulling the plug. Oh well, I have not had any health care now since 2008 when I was first laid off.
Having this much free time is something I have never experienced in my life, but I try to make the best use of my time. I work with the local Bears group on charity events, working on their their Bear Run by shooting and editing video for the event, then shooting the event itself. This year I also worked with a great artist friend of mine to create some great Artwork for the events. I will be posting these Bears on my FA account soon. I am also enjoying the local bears in other wonderful ways...;-)
Today is Thanksgiving and I want to give thanks to all my Bear and Furry friends who help me make my free time much more interesting. I am attending Further Confusion in January 2011 and really looking forward to it. I will be sharing a room with Athelstan, and hope to be driving a very wonderful furry artist with me. If all works out, I will be able to bring Dan The Bear up to FC with me, and this is extraordinary because it will be his first Fur Con as well as his first visit to the USA. Dan lives in Mexicali, Mexico and is in the process of trying to get a cultural Visa from his government just to make this trip and I could not be happier to help him get there. On top of this, Grubbs Bear is coming to FC for his first time there, so the founder and the co-moderator of the "BearFurries" Yahoo group will both be at FC wearing our Bearfurries T-Shirts proudly.
One other thing I would like to give thanks for is that my 2 sons are doing so well, despite the bad economic situation. My eldest son, Michael, is an actor/writer and comedian who's work can be seen at the Cracked website. He and his fellow Cracked staff won a "Streamy" award this year for Audience Choice and he is putting the final touches on his first feature film which he wrote, acts in, and is editor of. It is called "Kill Me Now" and is a cross between a comedy and a horror film...I believe it will be out in the first quarter of 2011. My youngest son, David, is about to graduate from CalPoly and has been doing some great work himself and I feel certain he has a bright future in Design and Architecture.
So, as you can see, my life isn't all that bad and the job search continues. There are many folks and too many furs, who are having a much rougher time, and my heart goes out to them. Lets all hope that next year we will all have more to be thankful for than we do this year. Bearhugs to all, CyberBear

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
10:49 pm
The Bear finally gets a job!
Hello watchers,
Those of you who know me realize I have been unemployed for some time.... almost 2 years now. While I have filled my free time with lots of great adventures and made a few new Bear friends, I was starting to get rather concerned about my situation. After all, my unemployment runs out soon. So I started to panic recently, and actually accepted a minimum wage position at a Walmart working 3rd shift. Needless to say, I have been feeling rather desperate of late.
Well, I have been answering ads and sending out a ton of resumes, and as fate would have it, just a few days before I was to start at Walmart, I got an interview. It was working for a local publisher creating his magazine on the computer; something I have been doing for years. He was impressed by my portfolio, and wanted me to return the same day and work for him, which I did, and am now full time. To say I am pleased is a big understatement. Due to all this, I cannot get to Califur as early as I had wanted, but should be there Saturday in time to attend FNL and the Cabaret and to enjoy seeing all my furry friends. Cyber Hugs for now and real ones when I see ya! CB
Saturday, January 30th, 2010
1:58 pm
Further Confusion 2010
Hello gang!
Had a great time at FC 2010 showing my Bear friends, Prowler and Bub around and explaining what it means to be a fur. I think they had fun and my only complaint is that it was all over much too soon, and there are not enough hours in the day to see everybody I wanted to spend time with. Anyone who I missed or was only able to spend a few moments with, I am truly sorry; my loss.
I did get to shoot the Fursuit Parade, Masquerade, and Furry Night Live, so am working on my latest Con DVD for my friends who want one. I loved the new hotel and their welcoming attitude. The HD TV's were nice as well. And we finally have a good variety of restaurants to choose from. I'm already looking forward to next years con, assuming I can get a job by then!
Here is a link to my photos of the Fursuit Parade taken as I shot video of it as well. Check them out...some very creative suits at FC this year! CyberBear


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Sunday, January 17th, 2010
9:34 am
Further Confusion 2010
Hello Gang!
Remember me?

Been too long since my last post here, but I wanted to let all my furry friends know that I will be at Further Confusion this year. Looking forward to having a great time in the new Hotel, and enjoying being among like-minded furs. This year is kinda special because 2 of my Gay male Bear friends will be staying in my room with me. They are an adventurous couple from Bishop, California, a Daddy Bear named David (Prowler on Furries Extreme) and his Cub, Louis. These two men are very open and looking forward to meeting and getting to know furs at the con. They are veterans of Burning Man, so are used to a similar atmosphere that a fur con has and have wanted to experience it for themselves, so watch for the Bears as we will be there in force!
If you see me, please say hello and I will introduce ya to my Bear friends. We may have a gathering in the room Saturday night after any major events on stage, since I will be shooting photos and video of all the great suits as I always do. Just ask me, and I will let you know what is going on, but I arrive Friday and stay thru Monday, so I hope to get and give lots of hugs, and more for those interested. ;-) CyberBear

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Sunday, October 7th, 2007
3:25 pm
Monday, March 19th, 2007
2:35 pm
Should have been Baloo.....Oh...I am blue

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
9:41 pm
My absense
Hi Gang,
Well, as I stated earlier, I am feeling better about things and decided to restore my LJ before the 30 day limit was up and I had to start from scratch again. As to what happened, I have a rather vauge answer to that which I have been using, and I will share it with you all here. I was betrayed and very hurt by someone who I helped get into the community and who cruelly and arrogantly abused my trust, friendship, and love of furry fandom and the people in it, and I needed to take a break and some time to reevaluate the place of the fandom in my life.
I am not going into detail as it is not necessary, but I was feeling pretty jaded about the whole Furry thing after FC, but I've mellowed out about it and will ease my way back over time. I must say, I am a bit overwhelmed by all the responses and it goes a long way toward making me feel better about the whole thing...Thanks to you all...you make this old Bear feel welcome and illustrate vividly that not all the folks in the fandom are out only for themselves. Thanks again, and I will thank you all personally next time we meet...

Current Mood: anxious
8:07 am
Feeling Better about things
So I'm back...will have something more to say soon...missed all my friends. CyberBear
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
12:52 pm
Further Confusion, here I come!
Heading to San Jose for Further Confusion........
Hello Gang! Just thought I should post letting all my furry friends that I will be at this years Further Confusion. I plan to post an info card on the message board with room number and cell number in case anyone wants to say hello to the Bear. I will be there Thursday thru Sunday. See you all there, and for those who cannot afford to go, believe me, I understand...tough out there these days. I will be posting clips and pics on my website when I get back, so at least you can see some of what went on. Take care in your travels and I look forward to meeting some new furs! CyberBear
Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
2:44 pm
What a Weekend!
Here I am again, just sharing the joys and sorrows of my life. (Here comes one of many joys) I want to let those of you who don't already know, that the very sexy and handsome John has accepted my invitation to join me in San Diego where he can establish himself and enjoy living near his favorite Daddy Bear. I couldn't be more excited to have him so close. Since we met over a year ago, we both soon realized that we have much in common including our love of music and live performances.
It is for that reason that we had such an extraordinary weekend. My brilliant friend John, managed to get tickets to the reunion tour of the great '80's band, "Asia". WOW! What a great show we saw! Sold out and the joint rocked! These rock n' roll veterans came from other, even bigger groups, and, much to our enjoyment, took time to cover a song from each of their original bands. So, no only did we get "Asia", we got to hear a tune from "Emerson, Lake, and Palmer" since Carl Palmer is the drummer for "Asia"; Fanfare for the Common Man: and, since the keyboardist of "Asia" is none other than Geoff Downs from "The Buggles", we got a great cover of "Video Killed the Radio Star". Steve Howe; extraordinary guitarist from the group, "Yes" provided the connection to give us a great cover of the famous Yes hit, "Roundabout" and John Wetton, having been in one version of King Crismon, provided a great vocal on a cover of "In The Court of the Crimson King".
During the time after the concert, two members of the band, Carl Palmer and Geoff Downs, came out to meet the fans. It was great because both John and I brought albums for them to sign, which they were happy to do. I also ran into a furry I had seen at cons before, but never actually met. I was very pleased to see that he was interested in seeing Asia as I was. His name is Matt, and he is a Black Panther fursuiter. He told me his fur name, but the place was noisy so I didn't quite get it, so. if you read this Matt, please post your fursona name for me. Since we got out so late, and had a long drive back to San Diego, I decided to ask my good friends, Al and Dex if we could stay overnight at their place, less than a 20 minute drive away from the venue. As gracious as ever, they were happy to have us and were wonderful hosts, as always. We really enjoyed our visit and ended it with a fine giant burrito from El Taypiac...it was bigger than my head, but I ate it anyway...well, part of it! John and I said our goodbyes and headed south, only to (here comes the sorrow part) have my 4runner blow a head gasket. We ended up getting towed by AAA to my house and finally got home around 8 PM. Oh well...at least I still have my pick-up truck with which to drive to work...all things considered, I'm pretty lucky. Well, that's all I wanted to share with all of you. Sorry these posts are so few and far between...I will try to do better! Have a great fall everyone and I will see some of you at the DooDah Parade, FC and Califur...Take care and I hope your adventures are all pleasant ones! - CyberBear

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Thursday, May 11th, 2006
9:01 am
CaliFur 2006
OMFG!!! CyberBear posts! Yes, once in a rare while, I actually have something to share. This time it is about CaliFur. I volunteered to assemble the Con Book for this years celebration of all-things-furry in SoCal. I want to say that I had a really good time at the con and made a few new friends in the fandom, which, for me, is one of the greatest things about the fandom. I also had the chance to visit with many furs I have met and become friends with. I see these interesting folks far to seldom, so a Con is a great place to catch up on their lives, and to share some laughter with...I laughed a lot at this con, and not because of the drink, but the company. To all my furry friends, thanks for showing this Bear such a great time!
Due to my work on the Con Book, I met Waggs, who helped assemble all the component parts, and Trappa, who actually picked me for the job. Although we had one late night, all in all, things came out well. I was pleased with the results and was thrilled to hear some positive feedback from some Con attendees. I only wish they were able to print more copies and, perhaps, go 4 color throughout the pub. So much great art was submitted; thanks to the artists who contributed...this was really your showcase! Waggs tells me he is working on the creation of a Furry Magazine for the fandom...I wish him luck with that project, and will reserve my copy now. I hope every fur out there will support his efforts so we can have an even better voice in the world and defend ourselves from those who would want to trash Furry Fandom.
Finally, I want to share pics I took at the con of the many great fursuits! Here is the link;

See you all online and at the next con!

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Monday, August 1st, 2005
2:46 pm
Having fun despite PinkEye
I've enjoyed a wonderful weekend entertaing many of my best furry friends who came down to enjoy San Diego Pride with me. As hard as we try to make things work out perfect, and to make sure everybody has a great time, there always seems to be something that will go wrong!
I was all ready for CarolKitty (carolhiggy), scruff_e_coyote, furahivszuri, dexter_ykt_fox, albear972, and grizzlybear1138 to arrive and let the fun begin. But I woke up Saturday morning with one eye glued shut! Once I got it open, I saw that it was all swollen and blooshot...I have Pink-Eye! Great! Oh well, I will carry on as if nothing is wrong...it was tough. By the next morning both eyewere in dire strights! I still bore with it and we did have a great tine...Finally saw a doctor this morning and am on meds, so I am hoping I'll be all better by Thursday.
Despite the Pink-Eye, I truly had a wonderful time with my friends. Having them here was a wonderful experiance and we all had fun watching the Parade and attending the Pride events in Balboa Park. Both Carol and I bought fuzzy colored balls that flash...had fun making jokes about that! This group of furs were checked out everywhere we went; some more than others, but I'm not gonna say who...My poor eyes are so bloodshot, the whites are gone!......I look like I was at a marathon of tear-jerking movies, but I feel confident I will be fully recoved by Thursday....More news as it happens! - CyberBear

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
7:39 pm
Al & Dex Visit...Comic Con!
Well, it has been a long time since I posted, So I thought I'd try out this new Widget for automatically posting to LJ just to see if it works. Unlike most of you folks out there, I am a Macintosh user. This new widget sits on my desktop and makes it easy to add my thoughts to LJ.
I recently hosted a fur gathering centered around a visit from my good friends, Al Bear and Dex Fox. They came down the weekend before the 4th of July, and I invited a lot of local furs over to help party with us. We spent a lot of time in the Hot Tub, and we bar-b-qued and had cake and ice cream to celebrate the 21st birthday of Grizzly Bear. We also watched "Immortal" which was a cool film. All in all, it was a great time.
Shortly after returning home, Al and Dex left for Anthrocon...(envy,envy) but I had the San Diego Comic Con to look forward to, and not only that, I was joined by 4 great furs; Kaysho, Karwood, Brophy, and Kenai. Needless to say, we had a BLAST! I really enjoyed hosting these 4 fine furs and their company just enhanced the con experiance. I did miss the furry Meet and Greet in favor of attending the Masqurade. I do wish they didn't happen at the same time. At least I got to see Cuddles, the Cuddlefish again! Well, I think I will stop here and see if this widget works. Everyfur out there; have a great summer! - CyberBear

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
2:57 pm
The latest News...
Well, once again, I have let way too much time pass since an update.Lots going on in my furry life, especially with Califur coming up. I am looking forward to seeing all my furry friends at the upcoming Con and, for those who can't make it, i will be video taping the festivities as always and can share latter. I will also have my laptop and can act as your roving reporter at the con. As far as my other life, lots to tell. I quit my job after a disagreement with my boss, and will soon join the ranks of the unemployed. I actually am glad because, not only do I not want to work for this guy any longer, I need a break! i have recently heard from more than one friend who have complained that they feel ignored by me. Man, that hurts, but I cannot deny that I have been lost in my own little world these past few weeks as I come to terms with my new situation.
I am not covered by any health insurance, so I have to fix that on my own; I need to get a home equity loan and that entails a lot of work fixing up the old Bear Den. They send out inspectors and don't want a lot of brush around the house due to the fire risk, so I have been busy cleaning up the yard. Hate to not get my loan because I didn't mow the lawn! On top of all this, a certain Bear cub I'm a big fan of has graced my Den with his presence all the way from San Francisco twicw in the last month, and I hosted Flare StarFire on a southern visit he made to compete in a Card Competition...so life has been busy! But believe me, i still think of all my fi=urry friends! I have wanted to make it up to one of the Furry parties at the Prancing Skiltaire (sp?) but have yet to be able to do so...Hell, I just missed Daryl Exline's party and he lives only a couple miles away! But, the way things look now, after next week, I'll have plenty of time and will become more available to all me local friends...I really look forward to that!
So, tonight my sons, my ex-wife and her new hubby, and my Cub, John are all going to see Joe Jackson and Todd Rundgren at an outdoor concert...then tomorrow drive up to the con...I look forward to getting off work today! (Yes, it is so slow I'm doing this at work....anyway, what are they gonna do? Fire me? HA!)

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
7:32 am
I have met a Bear Cub of the "Gay Bear" variety online and I'm really falling for him. He lives in San Francisco and the two of us have been web camming and talking on the phone for some time now, so I invited him down. His name is John and he visited me weekend before last. It was so sweet! He is a really cute redhead and really into music like I am; we had a ball together. This was the same weekend as Rick and Tess's farwell party for furs and John insisted I go. Even though it meant taking time away from us, he knew it was important to me, so we went. Being the friendly Bear I am, I also offered a ride to 2 other San Diego furs, anominouswolf and grizzlybear1138.
Before we all left to head up to Rick and Tess's party, I get an email from Ian Soulfox who is staying with his Aunt in Long Beach. He explains to me that, another fur and good artist who lives here in San Diego, Brian Wear (wolfgangcake), told him online that he could get him a job at Krispy Kreme Donuts if he can just figure out a way down here. He further explains that he knows I'm planning to attend the party tonight and that he will be there and wants to know if he can hitch a ride back to San Diego with me. I write him back and say sure; anyway, I've always admired his art and look forward to meeting him. Next he emails me back and asks if we can also stop by his aunts and pick up his stuff as he wants to bring it down as well. I write back and say sure again. Anyway, we go to the party and I'm trying to introduce my new "fur friendly" but not furry boyfriend to the nicest furs, and I have told my passengers that I want to leave the party around 10 since we have another hours drive to get to Ian's aunts house. All the while I'm kinda looking for Ian, but no luck.
We generally have a good time; anominouswolf even runs into an old boyfriend he was dying to see. A bunch of us go to In and Out Burger around 9:30 to eat but we are back by 10 so I can pack it up and leave. I had promised Carol Kitty I would call her when we went so she could join us, but I forgot my cell phone, so I missed her, I really felt bad about that as I haven't seen her in a while. We return to the party and anominouswolf is nowhere to be found. I finally locate Ian Soulfox and introduce myself. He asks that I just tell him when I'm ready to go. I'm searching everywhere for anominouswolf! It was a surreal scene! I can't even imagine what my new boyfriend thought!
Anominouswolf finally appears at midnight and he knows I'm pissed and feel taken advantage of...but we worked it out later. Anyway, we leave and go to Ian's Aunts house and we are finally on our way. We don't get home until after 3AM. As I'm driving home, it occurs to me that Brian Wear works the 3rd shift at Krispy Kreme so he won't be home for me to drop off Ian. I ask Ian what his plan was and he asks if he can crash at my place tonight. I say OK and then, the next morning, I wake before everyone else and go online where I see Brian on Yahoo IM, so I let him know I brought Ian Soulfox down for him. His response was not good. He asked me where Ian was going to stay. I said I thought with you...and he says no way. So now I have a real problem. About this time my sons arrive as well as my childhood friend, Glen, all wanting to meet John, my new Cub from San Francisco. We had plans that Sunday and now I have this situation to deal with. Well, after thinking it over hard, I decided I couldn't let another fur take advantage of me as I had with Joey Leafrunner and GoldenBear. Even though I like his art and he is basically a nice guy, I couldn't believe he would put me in this position. Plus, I was beginning to suspect that I might be getting a reputation within the furry community as an easy mark here to be taken advantage of. So, after discussing things with my friend Glen and my Cub John, it was decided that I must return Ian to his aunts house.
It was tough, but I had no choice and I was pissed because this ruined my last day with John and it reflected badly on furs in general. Well, I took him home and gave him good advice all the way, but I don't think it did any good; he had already resigned himself to returning to Texas. If he had made any kind of effort, he could have worked things out; but no; he just wanted people to do stuff for him. As if to cap things off, just before we get to his aunts house, he asks if me or John are hungry...NO we say...would we mind going thru a drive thru for him? No I say as he says "Let me check my wallet" He checks his wallet 3 more times until I have to order...He tells me what he wants and says it again at which point I say never-mind; I'll pay for it! That was clearly what he wanted in the first place. The worst thing was, after we dropped him off and he had all his stuff...he just left. No Thank You or anything. Left a really bad impression with me and John and gave John reason to fear for me with furries. Oh well, fortunately there are many great furs out there. Don't worry, I'll win him over to furry fandom; I just need one good con! I hope for less drama and more fun in my furry life and I wish the same for all my furry friends!
Enough for now!

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
3:01 pm
Catching up...
Oh My God! A New Entry!
It has been several weeks since my last holy confession, so it's catch-up time. A lot has been going on in my Furry life...a regular soap opera! I have made some new friends and even a newbie who I'm converting to a fur. Well, where to start...I guess the campout...I headed a group that went out to the desert to camp at Agua Caliente County park. A lot of Family members, and 2 other furs, Joey Leafrunner and Wolfjaguar_Spirit were there. We all had a blast and wanna do it again in the fall when the weather cools down. I went to another of Tess's parties and brought my new iBook to show off. Unfortunately, things turned out bad: I had given a ride to Wolfjaguar_spirit and his supposed new mate TP. Once we were at Tess's house it was quite clear to me that TP was trying to locate Static Cub, and had little interest in being with Wolfjag and wandered around, seemingly lost. Aloha wolf was asking me if that guy was TP and I when I said yes, Alohawolf seemed quite interested in talking with him.The next thing I know, Wolfjaguar comes outside where I am, highly agitated and obviously upset. I ask him what the problem is and he explains that TP has handed him his cell phone and on the other end is TP's mate from back east threatening Wolfjag if he continues to be friends with TP.
Well, needless to say, this was very upsetting to Wolfjauar_spirit and his nite was ruined. I was saddened by this turn of events, but determined to try and understand what TP had been thinking when he set-up Wolfjaguar like that. But he could not be found. We searched everywhere and soon realized that both he and Aloha wolf had disappeared. So we looked on and off thru the nite, I took a break and set up my iBook and showed some footage from Further Confusion. Since Al Bear and Dex were not at this party, I just didn't really have anyone to talk to. So we continued to search on and off until 11:30 with no luck. I did not want to return to San Diego without TP, since I had driven him up, but finally had to leave. I realized he must have left with Aloha Wolf.
Wolfjauar's dissapointment turned to anger as we drove home. The next morning, I was online and TP IMed me and asked why I had abandoned him at the party. I told him that he had abandoned us and speculated that he was at Alohawolf's place right then. He finally admitted he was. i told him I thought he had been a real jerk to Wolfjaguar_spirit and let it go at that. He had left some of his gear at my place, and we worked out a way he could get it back without me having to see him, which was OK with me.
As I mentioned earlier, I met a new fur named BlueBear; a really nice fur. We have been exchanging links and introducing each other to new things. He is a hell of an artist and I've got him posting to some Yahoo groups and his work is being well received. I invited him to join me at Califur, and was happy to have him accept.
NEXT: The Califur Report (better late .....)

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
12:55 pm
Fur Parties and Road Trips
Well, once again it has been way too long since my last update. Since then I have attended another great party at Tess's house and had a great time. I drove up from San Diego with Joey Leafrunner and stopped along the way in Temecula to pick up Wolfjaguar_Spirit. We then had to go to Pomona to pick up 2 rats, pets of Joey's; and load more of his stuff into the car. He is slowly moving into the Bear Cave. Then we headed to the party where I visited with Dex Fox and Al Bear and got to meet Trigger Happy Squirrel. Lots of TV Funhouse on in the living room, but I stayed out back visiting and meeting new furs. Wolfjaguar_Spirit drew and watched TV in the main room for the first half of the party. He also met a few new furs, unfortunately, a couple just as we were leaving! Trigger Happy Squirrel had some amazing video equipment with which he shared the history of his fursuit with us. It was fun getting to know him. He lives only about an hours drive from me. He asked to meet Joey Leafrunner, who I drove up, so I introduced them. Trigger Happy Squirrel wanted to enlist his help to act as handler and video person at the SD Comic Con coming up.
Speaking of which, I got my reservations for CaliFur, SD Comic Con and AnthroCon. I'm really looking forward to AnthroCon; I've met another Bear online and we have similar tastes in music and are around the same age. He lives in Kansas City and is a talented artist. I'm trying to talk him into coming to AC so we can meet in person. His name is Golden Bear. I have had such a great time visiting with furs online. Particularly Wolfjaguar_Spirit, Grizz, GoldenBear, Erraticwolfn and Flare. Great guys, I feel I can tell them anything, and often do!
Other news, I wanted to buy a DVD player, a portable, so I could share video with folks to fur gatherings. Anyway, I settled on a Toshiba with a 10 inch screen, but I was unhappy with the cost and Al Bear wisely pointed out that I could have gotten a laptop computer for a little more, and had both a DVD player with a bigger screen, (yes, I am a size queen) and a computer all in one. This was such a good idea that I felt dumb not to have thought of it. The good news is that I took it back and then bought an iBook. I love it! Plays movies nice and on a 12 inch screen! So, at the next party, I will finally be able to show anyone who wants to see it, my footage from Further Confusion. I also have some cool comedy bits. Should be fun...I actually made a DVD of FC for my Bear friend Grizz in NY; he got it and seems to like it.
So last night, I had to return to Pomona to help Joey pick-up his dog, Shadow.On the way we picked up Wolfjaguar_Spirit who wanted to go along for the ride. We stopped at Nicks and had dinner and talked with Al Bear on the cell phone. We had hoped to visit him, but time didn't permit. So, after dinner, I showed off my new iBook by playing some of Kill Bill for the two of them. I had it in the back of my Toyota Fourunner, so here were 3 guys in a parking lot, hanging over the tailgate, staring into the back... it must have looked odd. I showed them the animation segment; they were duly impressed. We then resumed our trip and visited and listened to music all the way there. Picked up Shadow and headed back south. Wolfjag and I had a very pleasent visit on the way down and I was sad to drop him off, but it was late and I had to remember work the next day. Joey and I got to the Bear Cave around 11 PM...not bad. We introduced his dog, Shadow, to my 2 girls, Willow and Lucy; one guy and 2 girls; sounds like a good living situation to me! I'm going to see YES in concert Sunday nite; I will let you know how it was in my next report! Oh, saw Hellboy and loved it...and got my DVD of Brother Bear....can you wear out a DVD?

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